Utah Home Central is a full-service discount brokerage

You get all the same great services you would get from a traditional 6% agency, but we just do it for a more reasonable fee.

 DESCRIPTION of Service Included
 Listing Fee - paid at listing**   $200
 Commission - paid when sold  $3,000*
 Listing on the MLS
Listing on Realtor.com
 Advertised on 100's of  websites √ 
 Professional Photos
 Buyer Agent Commission Your Choice   √ 
Right to Find Your Own Buyer     √ 
 Change Listing Anytime   √  
 Cancel Anytime   √ 
 MLS Open House Postings   √ 
Highly Visible Sign and Frame  √ 
 Pause and Start Listing Anytime  √ 
 Contract Negotation / Paperwork   √ 
 Highly Visible Sign AND Frame     √ 
 Staging Assistance     √ 
Personal Property Website  √ 
 24 Hour Information Hotline   √ 
 Scheduling Service  √
 Automated Feedback System     √
 Realtor Lockbox  √
 HTML Classified Creator     √
 Flyer Creator Tool    √ 

*This is the fee for our services. If a buyer's agent brings you a buyer, we also need to offer that agent a commission.